Rotating Platformer Sensation Roto Force arrives on Google Play

PID Games have released another intriguing indie title to Android this week in the form of Roto Force. But what is it exactly?

Roto How To

It’s a nifty looking bullet hell mix of platformer and shooter, and as you might be able to deduce from the trailer requires incredibly fast reactions. 

You play as an intern of the Roto Force team, and have to complete various missions. Most of these, unsurprisingly, involve a lot of jumping and shooting across circular levels – that you can see all of at once.

The pared down visuals are hugely effective and pack in a lot of personality. Especially considering your character is effectively a tiny blob with antennae.

What’s the most impressive about Roto Force are the weapons. There are nine to choose from, including ones that spray in a few directions to massive sonar style blasts. Reminds us of the railgun from Quake 2. If it was 2D and gloriously pixelly. Yeah, pixelly is a word now. Deal with it.

Too Hardcore? Don’t Worry

Now this is definitely a game that won’t be for everyone. It does however offer quick bursts of play perfect for mobile gaming, and there’s no reason not to try it.

Why do we say such a thing? Well because Roto Force is actually free to try – with an in-app purchase required to unlock the full game – including several stages, 30 mini bosses, and 10 full bosses. The latter of which are absolutely rock hard, in the best way.

You can try the game for yourself on Google Play by clicking right here

There’s a lot going on for Android Gamers every week too, not just releases of hardcore platformers. I know, it’s hard to believe – but you can find a list of the newest updates to Android games here, and the best sales and deals on the platform from last week here. Happy gaming!

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