Rovio continues to invade your real life, signs deal with McDonalds

If there is one thing that Rovio knows how to do, and do it well, is merchandise the ever living hell out of Angry Birds and soon to be doing the same for Bad Piggies I’m sure. However, today’s newly announced partnership is about Angry Birds who will now be a part of McDonalds in a new cross-promotion between the two companies.

The promotion, which has already started in China and will surely spread to the rest of the globe, is that Angry Birds with their new power-up system has become location aware. This means that some of the new power-ups inside Angry Birds will only be available while playing the game while chowing down some food at McDonalds. If this promotion in China goes well, which it most likely will, the same promotions will quickly spread to other countries including here in the US and pretty much anywhere else a McDonalds can be found.

If you want to check out the action over in China, just head on over to the Chinese McDonalds website to see Angry Birds plastered all over it. It also looks like Angry Birds toys will also be available at McDonalds, most likely through Happy Meals. Even the Chinese McDonald’s site has an Angry Birds game embedded in it.

Website Referenced: TouchArcade

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