Rovio releases the first in-game footage for Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio gave warning a couple of hours ago on Twitter that they would be showing off the first in-game footage for their upcoming Star Wars / Angry Birds crossover game, appropriately named Angry Birds Star Wars. While Rovio has pumped out a video or two a week for the past few weeks since they announced the game, none of them have actually shown anything about the game. Now we get to see actual gameplay footage.

As you can see in the video above, everything is themed around Star Wars including the birds. We see Luke and Leia (the red and pink birds) as well as level design which is completely themed around the movie series. One real interesting feature is that some of the places the pigs are stationed at are animated, such as the AT-AT Walker which seems to be trying to shoot your bird out of the air. If there are even more special game mechanics like this in Angry Birds Star Wars, this could turn out to be a very interesting game indeed and definitely a fun one to play.

Rovio still have the game slated for release on all platforms on November 8th, 2012. Are you ready and now that we have seen some of the gameplay footage, are you excited for this new Angry Birds game?

Website Referenced: Angry Birds Twitter

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