Rovio to launch an ‘alternate reality’ game featuring Angry Birds? Apparently they are!

While there is little to no detailed information regarding this, Rovio has dropped a hint at a new game they are working on which will be an “Alternate reality game” featuring Angry Birds Seasons. Although we thing they meant to say an Augmented Reality game judging from the little description they released in their Angry Birds Seasons announcement.

Here is the official wording of Rovio’s hint at this new game:

“Furthermore, we will soon launch the biggest alternate reality game with Angry Birds ever – be prepared to seek for clues around the world to discover the secrets hidden in Angry Birds Seasons!”

No word on exactly when this will come out, whether it’ll be in a few days or few weeks, is unknown. “We will soon launch” doesn’t help much with guessing at any sort of time line. We are definitely interested in what Rovio has up their sleeve with this new game so we will be hunting down any addition information we can find for you guys.

Thanks to Phoenix8387 for the tip!

Developer Website: Rovio

Source: Rovio Blog

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