RPG Ambition Record is out Now on Android

Ambition Record is another RPG by legendary developer KEMCO. You can get a copy of Ambition Record on the Play Store for $8.99 now, and it should run on most devices running OS 4.4 and up.

RPG Ambition Record – Less than Ambitious Graphics, but a Lengthy Campaign

RPG Ambition Record is the story of Rafael, who is ordered by his King to squash a rebellion. The Count who rules in the northern part of the kingdom has used forbidden magic to create a rebellion. Only you and the friends you make along the way can stop the evil count.

Giving your characters different jobs will cause them to unlock and learn different skills. Meaning each character will have different play styles and special moves.

If you are interested in RPG Ambition Record, then grab a copy from the Google Play Store now.

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