RPG Asdivine Kamura is Available for Pre-Registration Now

RPG Asdivine Kamura is a 3-on-3 grid-based battle game, created by KEMCO. If you haven’t heard of KEMCO, then you have missed out on some great JRPGs.

Fear not, because KEMCO’s latest RPG, Asdivine Kamura looks like it could well be the best of the lot.

What is RPG Asdivine Kamura about?

A transcendent being named Zaddes appeared and started altering the world. The Spirit Deity, Shiki sets out to gather the Mystic Orbs and teams up with an unlikely band of female companions.

It is still early days, so it’s not 100% confirmed what content will be in the game. All I can say is this could well be the biggest and best Asdivine game yet.

To pre-register, follow this link to the Google Play store now.

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