RPG Monochrome Order by KEMCO is Available Now for Pre-Registration

KEMCO and RPGs go together like a house on fire. Don’t believe me, then check out their extensive list of RPGs on the Play Store. Anyway, the reason we are here today is that KEMCO has another RPG coming, and it just went live for pre-registration.

Monochrome Order – A Fantasy RPG by KEMCO

Monochrome Order takes place in a land on the brink of war. You play as one of the new recruits for the Arbiters, a group that uses ancient magic to follow their own idea of justice. It’s up to you to make various judgments that not everyone will agree with.

The choices you make will affect the story and whether you follow the path of good or evil. There are multiple endings, which means you could play through the story multiple times to see what changes. There are 18 allies to team up with, each with their own unique skills and attacks.

If you want a copy of Monochrome Order, then pre-register from the Google Play Store.

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