Ruinverse is the Latest Mobile Turn-Based RPG from Kemco

Kemco’s latest in a long, long line of mobile RPGs in Ruinverse, another turn-based adventure set in a sprawling fantasy universe. 

The story centers on Kit and Allie, who is sharing her body with the soul of somebody called Alvyn, which sounds like an absolute nightmare privacy-wise.

As you can imagine, the central goal of their epic quest is to resolve the whole “two souls” situation. While the arrangement has its advantages in terms of broadening Allie’s range of physical and magical abilities, it’s simply not sustainable in the long term. 

During the course of their adventure Kit, Allie, and Alyvn will meet and recruit a diverse cast of characters, all of whom bring their own skills and personalities to the mix. 

You can download Ruinverse right now on Google Play for $7.99.

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