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Rules of Survival is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Android

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That is an outrageous headline, isn’t it? It’s also true. Rules of Survival is NetEase’s attempt to bring Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to mobile.

And it looks remarkably similar, if those screenshots are anything to go by. You’ll still parachute into the world, scrounge for equipment to use, and try to survive long enough to be the last person standing.

Rules of Survival is heavily inspired by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

You’ll play against up to 120 players on a massive map that is constantly getting smaller. This time around it’s because of a poisonous gas covering the region, which is a nice explanation.

Rules of Survival Android

Team play is still an option, and you can get together with three friends to try and survive as a team. There’s also vehicles to find that will help you cover ground faster.

Seriously, this looks like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in everything but the name. Go and grab it right now on Google Play while it’s hot!

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