Love Clumsy Battles? Rumble Club, A Stick Fight-Like Brawler, Hits Android

Rumble Club

Lightfox Games and Mad Mushroom have teamed up to bring gamers a new physics-based brawler called Rumble Club. It’s a quirky game with ultimate clumsy battles. It’s free to play and offers in-app purchases to snag some special passes and gems.

Lightfox Games has previously published action titles like Knight’s Edge: PvP Raid Arena. On the other hand, Mad Mushroom is a publisher backed by influencers like Asmongold, Emiru, and Mizkif. It has previously published titles like the co-op roguelike shooter Atomic Picnic.

What’s Rumble Club?

It’s a game that boasts multiple modes and supports cross-play and cross-save. It allows up to 20 players to duke it out with fully customizable avatars. Get set for battles where physics decides the outcome of your battles.

You get to use wild gadgets or your fists to outsmart rivals and knock them out of the arena. It’s pure strategy plus chaos! There are endless customization options for skins, accessories, paints and emotes. You also get a variety of game modes like Punch Royale, King of the Hill and Sugar Rush in Rumble Club.

Eager to take a look? Here’s the trailer of the game!

Will You Try It Out?

Along with the launch, Rumble Club is dropping its first season which has an outer space theme. You can play with cool space gadgets, explore low-gravity maps and earn exclusive seasonal goodies! You get to blast off into the cosmos with new gear and levels.

Whether you prefer to play solo or team up with friends, Rumble Club guarantees a good time. And, daily event modes and seasonal updates surely promise to keep it fun. If it sounds interesting, grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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