Rumor: Google developing a Game Center style application for Android

So a new rumor is rolling around out there that Google is currently developing a Game Center style application and service for Android. While this is a ‘new’ rumor, back in June of 2011 we actually predicted that this would happen eventually anyways.

Our prediction was based off of a couple of factors. Firstly, there was a feature in the Android App Inventor that pointed towards this feature/service where there was an API being developed apparently called Game Client which would allow for communication to online game servers. While this could have ended up as being something completely different, and probably is, we felt at the time that this would be used for communication between a game and a Game Center type of service.

Secondly, the job postings at the time for positions at Google hinted at a similar idea. This was before the social games came to Google+ but some of the requirements and responsibilities pointed to a Game Center service.

Lastly, it is an inevitable evolution. With social games on Google+ and iOS having the Game Center service, Google would have to develop something along those line to stay competitive with iOS and gaming on that platform. Now it seems that there is new information with this new rumor to give more substance to our prediction.

A source who spoke to Business Insider says that Google is currently developing such an application and service which would utilize an achievement system, leader boards, and a friend finder so gamers to challenge each other. While this is an anonymous source speaking with Business Insider, it just makes sense that this would be the next step for Google to take to make Android gaming better. Of course there is no word just yet on when this service will launch but Google I/O is just around the corner.

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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