Both versions of Runescape are coming to Android

Old School RuneScape Android

Cross platform MMORPGs are the buzzword of today, it seems, as Jagex has just announced that both versions of Runescape are coming to mobile.

We’ll get Runescape Old School first this winter, and it will be fully cross compatible with the PC version. In fact, you can pick up where you left off there and kick on with your original character.

The same applies for the updated version, though we’re not sure exactly when that will make an appearance. It’s unlikely to appear this year though.

Runescape Old School

Runescape old and new are coming to mobile

If you’ve been living in a jungle mud hut all of your life, Runescape was one of the first true MMORPGs on PC. You create a character, then head off on an epic adventure full of monster battling, gear crafting, and PvP.

The PvP is where it really shines. There’s a fully persistent PvP zone where you can slay players and steal their inventory, which is a ton of fun in an age of hand holding.

It’s since been split into two versions, one remaining true to the classic, and the other an updated version with modern trimmings.

We’ll keep you posted on the release dates of both mobile versions. If you’re impatient, you can play Runescape Classic unofficially on Android right now.

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