RuneScape Mobile Gets the Hero Pass: Underworld This Month

RuneScape Hero Pass detailed.

RuneScape Mobile now rewards you simply for playing thanks to the arrival of its very first Hero Pass. It launched on September 4, and goes by the title of Underworld.

The Hero Pass: Underworld is basically a battle pass as you know and love it, with a ton of cosmetic outfits, weapons, and pets to unlock over the 120 levels.

Why Hero Pass: Underworld?

As you might have guessed from the title, the Hero Pass: Underworld is tied into the most recent RuneScape expansion. It featured an undead uprising at Fort Forinthry, as well as the Necromancy skill.

The Hero Pass also includes new themed content, seeing you complete Special Missions for all of the new content, which rewards Hero Pass XP. That should help you level up.

Alongside all of the freebies are a series of buffs that you can toggle off and on. These generally tie into the themes of the pass, allowing you to progress a bit faster.

The best part is that the Hero Pass is free for all players. As is standard with a battle pass though, there are two tiers: Free to Play and Standard.

Of course, you do need to subscribe to RuneScape Premium to gain access to the Standard tiers Hero Pass. There is, of course, no additional purchase required to then unlock everything in the pass.

How Long Will the Hero Pass Run For?

It will run for two months, during which time you can unlock all 120 reward tiers. At that point, a new season of Hero Pass will drop, resetting the rewards back to zero.

If you play RuneScape Mobile anyway, and are a subscriber, this will simply reward you for doing what you do anyway. For everyone else, it’s a nice additional bonus to entice you to play.

You can learn more about the Hero Pass on the official RuneScape site, as well as grab it from Google Play.

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