Runescape Mobile Celebrates its First Anniversary

It’s been a whole year since Runescape Mobile officially and completely landed on the Play Store. To celebrate that first birthday, Jagex is offering players a whole bunch of shiny goodies.

Members and free players are going to get five keys. They’re called Treasure Hunter keys and they unlock special chests. Those chests will have a random prize in them with varying degrees of rarity.

Players will also get another special gift – a small knowledge bomb. That will give them a short, 50% boost to their XP gathering. Which is a pretty nice present to receive.

And then there’s the Bullsmith outfit, which looks you look like a bull smith. Who doesn’t want to look like a bull smith. What the heck even IS a bull smith? You can find out if you play Runescape Mobile, we guess.

If you haven’t yet, you can click here to download Runescape Mobile from the Play Store. It’s free to play, but you can subscribe to get more benefits and all that jazz. Neat.

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