Rush Royale Is a PvP Tower Defense Game from the Card-Collecting Twist, Out Now on Android

Rush Royale, from developer IT Territory, is a tower defense game with elements of fantasy, strategy, and card-collecting, and it’s out now on Android.

The gameplay sees you deploying a range of heroes, including warriors, archers, and mages, in an attempt to hold off waves of vicious monsters. There are two modes, both of them multiplayer. Co-op lets you work with another player, while PvP involves trying to destroy them.

As you play you’ll accumulate mana to spend on fortifying your ranks, recruiting new troops, and merging your units on the battlefield.

Rush Royale looks solid, and its first user reviews are generally positive. IT Territory’s other big hits, HAWK: Galaxy Shooter and Evolution: Battle for Utopia, are both sitting on 4+ average user ratings from hundreds of thousands of reviews.

That means Rush Royale is probably worth a pop. It’s free to download right now on the Google Play Store.

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