Sally’s Law is On Sale Now

Sally’s Law is an award-winning physics-based puzzler where the aim of the game is to roll to your childhood home. There are a lot of obstacles standing between sally and her critically ill father, can you get her home in time?

Sally’s Law – A Cute Puzzle Game with an Emotive Story

Sally’s Law is an adorable puzzle game where you play through each level twice. The first time you guide Sally though the level, you are avoiding spikes and making jumps. The second time you play, you control Sally’s father, who watches over his daughter and guides her home.

As far as puzzle games go, Sally’s Law is not a particularly difficult one. But it has a rather beautiful and compelling narrative. Gameplay may not be played on the edge of your seat, but it entertains in a different way when compared to a traditional puzzle game.

If you are interested in a gem of a puzzle game, then why not grab a cheap copy of Sally’s Law from the Play Store?

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