Samorost 3 is Still on Sale

I like to keep on top of all the games that go on sale throughout the week. But one that slipped past my watchful gaze last week was Samorost 3. This means you only have a couple more days to get Samorost before its price returns to normal.

Samorost 3 – A Puzzle Game from Award-Winning Developers

Samororst 3 is an adventure puzzle game with iconic graphics and a superb soundtrack. You play as a space gnome who uses his magical flute to travel across the cosmos. If you are a fan of puzzle games, then any of the Samorost series is a must-play.

The story is a loose continuation from the previous two games in the series. But you don’t need to have played both to enjoy the third instalment. In Samorost 3 you travel to nine alien worlds, each with their own wildlife, puzzles and challenges to overcome.

If Samorost 3 is your kind of mobile game, then you can grab a reduced copy from the Play Store now.

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