Samsung Galaxy Tablet Accessories – What you will want for gaming

We are not going to go over all the accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet that is slated to be released as soon as next month here in the USA. However, going through the fairly good sized list of released accessories for the Galaxy Tablet, there are a few as a gamer that you will absolutely want to get if you plan on doing some serious gaming.

Keyboard Dock – With the inclusion of a full-sized portable 83 key keyboard with a built-in dock to hold your tablet, you are now set up for some serious gaming. Developer could, if they want to, develop games specifically for use with the keyboard. This will open up a whole new world of gaming possibilities for Android gamers including full FPS games should a developer choose to make one. This keyboard also comes in with a built-in connections for charging and audio output.

For the first six weeks though this keyboard will only be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse before it will be available anywhere else. This rather nice looking keyboard will set you back roughly $110.

D30 Silicon/Gel Case – While the Galaxy Tablet isn’t the most expensive tablet on the market, it is also an investment just like anything else. You should always protect your investments so a protective case is a must. While 3rd party accessory manufacturers will surely come out with some for you to choose from at or shortly after launch, you can pick one up at the same time as your tablet for around $31.

If you want something a little more business like you can pick up the leather slip case with strap for around $40 or the notebook case which also folds backwards into a stand for your tablet for roughly $47.

Audio Accessories – Samsung isn’t holding out when it comes to accessories in any department including audio. You’ll have two options to choose from: headphones or portable speakers. While most gamers already have headphones, usually ones meant for gaming, if you don’t you can pick up a pair when you get your tablet for around $31. Headphones will be available in either Black or White.

As I just mentioned, most gamers already have headphones and the Galaxy Tablet uses a 4 pole 3.5mm jack for them. However, most people who are gamers don’t usually carry around portable speakers. These portable speakers are battery powered and go for around $31 as well.

Memory and Cables: Samsung Memory Cards are water, shock and magnet proof should you try to play games while in the middle of a storm outside surrounded by MRI machines or some sort of machine that throws off a magnetic field. In the case you actually find yourself in a situation like this you’ll feel confident that your memory cards won’t crack under the pressure. Can’t say the same for your sanity though. Prices range from 2GB cards for around $14 to 8GB cards going for $38.

USB and TV-Out cables for your tablet will also be available should you need a spare USB cable for charging or connecting to your PC while the TV-Out cable will let you view/play your games on the big screen TV you have at home, in the office meeting room, in a hotel or the hospital you are staying at due to sitting outside in a storm while surrounded by magnetic fields. Both are available for around $23.

If you want HD-output loving for your TV gaming though you’ll need to grab the Multimedia Desk Dock which charges your tablet and has a mini HDMI socket and also built-in speakers. This will set you back around $63.

While all of these prices were converted from the UK pricing, we should see similar prices here in the USA when the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is available. All of these will be available at the time of launch from where ever you get your tablet (if you don’t have all this stuff already) except for the keyboard, which is exclusively through Carphone Warehouse for the first six weeks. This is most of the accessories anyways, we didn’t include some on the list such as the car charger.

Happy gaming on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet! You can check out the full list of accessories over at Eurodroid.

Website Referenced: Eurodroid

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