Did Netflix Release A Samurai Shodown Trailer Then Remove It?

Feature image for our Samurai Shodown news piece. It shows a cutscene with a character with dark braided hair and glasses.

A trailer has dropped heralding the arrival of the fighting game Samurai Shodown on mobile platforms, through Netflix games. Well, it had dropped anyway.

The trailer was apparently available on YouTube for a short period of time before mysteriously disappearing once again.

So What Does It All Mean?

Does that mean we can expect a Samurai Showdown port soon? Well, it’s hard to say with any certainty. What we’ve seen implies the development of the port is far enough along to have a trailer with gameplay snippets available, but no more than that.

Netflix is playing its cards close to its chest, so chances are we won’t know a lot more until they decide to release it. Again.

So what is Samurai Shodown? Glad you asked. The series kicked off all the way back in 1993. If the screenshots preserved for posterity by Twitter user Wario64, are anything to go by, then we’re talking about the 2021 reboot, an Unreal Engine 4 title.

A Fighter With Some Cool Features

It’s a beat-em-up with 3D rendered characters on a 2D plane, and rather than just relying on letting their fists do the talking, most of the roster bring swords to the fight.

The fights themselves aren’t the only thing about the title that’s impressive. Samurai Shodown’s 2021 version has an interesting mechanic built in.

The game is able to read your movements and utilize a Deep Learning AI to create an AI-controlled ‘ghost’ fighter that mimics your playstyle. You can then share this ghost around the world.

Depending on your level of confidence in the fighting game genre this might be a very exciting, or extremely disturbing prospect. Mind you, someone beating the snot out of a ghost trained to fight like you might be a little better than getting beaten firsthand, right?

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