Save a furry little critter from burning lava in Raccoon Escape, now available from Google Play

Released by Crossing Answers, Racoon Escape is a new endless “runner” that’s been released on to the Android platform. The idea behind Raccoon Escape is simple. Players are looking to help a captured raccoon escape from an abyss. This is accomplished when players connect gears, to help hoist the rodent upwards.

Along the way, there are numerous hazards that must be avoided, ranging from aliens to sharks, carnivorous plants, and more. The controls are fairly straightforward: players will be tapping on the aforementioned gears, as they roll in from the screens periphery. Players can tap individual gears rapidly to cause the raccoon to rise, or tap them once each, in the sequence in which they appeared, to rise farther and faster.

This is ultimately done to keep ahead of boiling lava, rising from below. Players can also swipe laterally, to cause the dangling raccoon to swing in that direction, so as to avoid objects that are fixed to the edges of the screen, or falling from above. For those wanting to see how to rescue a furry friend, the trailer is available below.

Raccoon Escape can be found on Google Play for free, and contains both optional IAPs, as well as ads.

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