Save all the little ducks in the new platformer called SuperDuck

A new platformer has arrived onto Google Play recently called SuperDuck! from Mutant Bear Games. This cool little platformer has you playing as Super Duck, a mutant duck that is out to save all of the little ducks that have been kidnapped by an evil doctor who is planning to take over the world.

Your job is to save all the little ducks that are being kidnapped and used to create the evil doctor’s Duck-mination machine which will be used to take over the world. The evil doctor knows that you are coming to rescue these ducks and has sent them to different locations and period in time.

SuperDuck Features:

– 56 unique levels
– Super Mario style platformer meets the puzzle genre, inspired in the classic Krusty Super Fun House!
– Lots of ducks
– Bombs and explosions
– Includes solution for levels if you’re stuck.

This is a pretty tradition platformer in terms of gameplay so if you’ve played other titles in this genre, you should feel right at home in SuperDuck. There are puzzles you’ll need to solve in each level and if you get stuck on any particular level, you will be able to access the solution so you aren’t just working on the same level for a year and a half.

If you’re interested in checking out this game, SuperDuck is available for download off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: SuperDuck!

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