Say Hello to our new writers including our newest addition, Beau Hindman

You may have noticed that over the past month or two a few new author names popping up here on DroidGamers in articles. That is because over the past couple of months we have been slowly adding new writers to our staff and now seems like a good time to officially welcome them all.

You have most likely read at least one article from the majority of our new writers so if you have read their bio, located under each article, you are already probably familiar with them. However, we always like to officially welcome new staff members to the DroidGamers family so without further ado, here are our new writers and what they will be doing on the site:

– James Mapley: Game Reviewer, Editorials/Opinion pieces

– Himmat Singh: Game Reviewer, Editorials/Opinion pieces, Poll Questions, soon to be posting night-time news

– Nelson Contretas: News Hound, Lead Editor for the upcoming Spanish edition of DroidGamers

We would also like to introduce our newest addition to the DroidGamers family whom you may already know from other sites such as and, Beau Hindman. Currently a freelance writer working on covering MMO games (both PC and mobile MMOs) for and other types of games for, Beau will be reviewing mobile games here at DroidGamers as well as writing news, editorials and whatever else tickles his fancy. Not only is he a great writer, he is a great guy who is always up for talking with people so feel free to follow him on Twitter and say hello!

For those of you who have contacted us about becoming part of the team but haven’t heard back from us yet, have no fear, we have your emails and we will get back to you! Until then, let’s give these guys a warm welcome and make them feel at home here at DroidGamers.

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