Sci-Fi Dungeon-Crawler Endurance Gets New Quick Battle Mode in its Latest Update

Endurance, the acclaimed sci-fi dungeon-crawler from developer Ivan Panasenko, has just received a whole new mode in its latest update. 

Quick Battle is an experimental survival mode where the aim is to last as long as you can. Once your attempt is over, your score goes to a leaderboard. There are eight new levels currently, but Panasenko may well add more in future. 

In case you’ve never played it, Endurance is the prequel to 2019’s highly acclaimed Ailment. In that game, you found yourself bewildered and in danger aboard a malfunctioning spaceship, fending off murderous coworkers after returning from a failed rescue mission aboard another ship. 

That ship was called Endurance, and this rad prequel explains exactly what happened there, and why your coworkers have all gone berserk. 

Gameplay-wise, that means exploring the gloomy corridors of the Endurance wiping out swarms of ravenous, infected crew members. You’ll meet uninfected NPCs, too, and you need to keep them safe amid the storm of bullets.

The atmosphere in Endurance is pure sci-fi horror, with an ominous claustrophobic mood pervading every inch of the stricken ship. Fortunately, your NPC chums cut through the bleakness with jokes and good humor, and the game itself is full of fun sci-fi movie references to spot. 

Endurance has a huge variety of different levels, and an impressive armory of weapons to collect. Sometimes you’ll be doing some classic twin-stick shooting. At other times you’ll be setting up tower defence-style turret formations, or completing quests, or completing endless running sections. It’s all in here. 

We love this series. Ailment was a perfect slice of retro sci-fi action on mobile, and Endurance takes the formula and runs with it. If you’ve already ploughed your way through the campaign and uncovered every twist and turn of the epic story, the new Quick Battle mode will give you an excuse to hop back in. 

And if you’ve never played Endurance, this is just one more reason to give it a go. You can download Endurance for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.  

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