Sci-Fi MMORPG Vendetta Online will be getting some Virtual Reality love with multiple VR headsets

Our friends over at Guild Software, the folks behind the long running cross-platform space MMORPG Vendetta Online, have been busy these days with a new project. Today they have decided to pull the curtain back on that project which is bringing Virtual Reality support to their Vendetta Online title.

Originally release quite awhile ago on PC, Vendetta Online ended up getting a mobile version a few years back and has done quite well for itself. Their newest project, which is bringing their game to the world of Virtual Reality, is well under way and will be arriving to multiple headsets this year. Currently announced headset support includes the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR, and the HTC Vive.

If you’re not familiar with Vendetta Online, this MMORPG is similar to Eve Online in that players will be commanding their own ship(s), customizing them with all sorts of weapons, armor, and other upgrades. You have all of the features you would find in most MMORPGs including all out warfare between spaceships and in-game guilds over the dynamic conquest of territory, mining for resources, a full in-game economy, and more. It’s a deep game and quite a lot of fun, especially if you dig the space theme.

With GDC 2016 starting up next week, we are already set to meet up with Guild Software to take a look at Vendetta Online in Virtual Reality. So don’t go too far as we will have all the details on this next week.

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