SCVNGR is a geo-gaming platform that enables anyone to quickly and easily build location-based mobile games, tours, and interactive experiences that can be enjoyed from any mobile device or at least that’s what the website says. Either way it sounds and looks like a really cool concept.

Basically it’s a game where everyone is involved in creating the entire experience. Anyone can create games, tours and interactive experiences for any location they are at for other people to play when they arrive at a location. You don’t have to create anything if you don’t want to, you can just play what other people create.

SCVNGR provides everything you need whether it’s to just play other peoples games/experiences or if you want to create your own. The builder comes in both an Enterprise and Individual edition and they advertise that you don’t need any technical skills to built something so it should be interesting to see what people come up with. The entire thing is completely cross-platform compatible as well for both playing a building and can be played on any mobile device. There are three ways you can play: through Text Messaging, through Mobile Web, or through the free Android app off the Android market.

If you plan on building something for SCVNGR I highly recommend going to the official website and signing-up to get the software as well as reading all the information that they have available. If you want to search for ‘SCVNGRs’ near you, your can head over to the community website which lists all of them.

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