Sea Stars continuous swimmer now available on Android

There is a new continuous runner, or swimming game since it is in water, on the Android Market called Sea Stars by Hothead Games. Aside from the fact that when you jump out of the water you have a nice little rainbow trail in the Nyan Cat sort of style, this game does come with a few unique features.

Sea Stars is a continuous swimming game where you control your fish with some simple touch screen tapping making him dive or jump out of the water, collecting coins while avoiding enemies. The neat thing about this game is that it focuses a lot on replay value. This is accomplished by offering up a bunch of characters you can unlock, mission objectives to complete for rewards, ranking and the ability to ‘master’ each character by swimming with them for a certain distance.

Sea Stars Features:

★ Swim as far as you can to explore this colorful world and complete the fun missions
★ Explore an underwater world full of desert islands, sunken cities and treasure-laden shipwrecks.
★ Find exciting free prizes inside clam shells or spend your hard earned coins in the store to buy power-ups or more Sea Stars characters.
– Nyan Cat rainbow trail
– Increasingly fast and challenging gameplay

The power-ups in this game are also interactive and not just the typical ‘shoot this far forward’ type of power-ups. They all have different effects which you will still need to control your character. Some enemies also have unique effects and don’t always just kill you. These effects will have you tapping on the screen to free you fish for example. Characters can be unlocked and power-ups can also be purchased using the coins you collect.

There are also additional levels and special character you can buy optionally through in-game purchases. If you are up for a rather unique and challenging continuous running style of game, you might want to check this one out. It is available for free on the Android Market.

Developer Website: Hothead Games

Android Market Link: Sea Stars

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