See how deep into the forest you can swing in Stickman Forest Swing

Djinnworks GmbH, makers of other Stickman games, has released a new entry into their franchise. For the uninitiated, this collection of games features a protagonist, the eponymous Stickman, who is a stick figure with a slightly over-sized head and cartoonishly large eyes, and this character is used in a variety of different games.

In this case, the idea is brought over into an endless style of game. Players are looking to swing freely throughout the level, in a fashion that would be similar to Spider-man (from a 2D side view), and time when to initiate or release a swing so as to avoid the stalagmites and stalactites that litter the pathway. The rope from which Stickman swings can be initiated at any time, and there’s no limit to how often it can be used.

The challenge is all in the timing, so gravity will pull Stickman down far enough and soon enough to clear the obstacle, and players will then need to initiate a new swing upwards to miss the next one. The game features a simple, monochromatic theme for its visuals, with the objects in the forefront being silhouetted in black.

Stickman Forest Swing is available from Google Play for free, but does come with a single IAP for $0.99 which will remove the ads.

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