See how far your hot air balloon can take you in With the Wind, now available

Release by Second Wind Studios, With the Wind is a game that’s based on controlling a hot air balloon. Players will seek to keep the balloon flying, by controlling the level of inflation, as well as avoiding the airborne obstacles, which are black balloons with the pirate skull-and-crossbones.

Other balloons float past, they can be collected, with each colored balloon collected increasing the point multiplier, with the ultimate goal being to see how long one can stay afloat, and how many points can be accrued during that time. With the Wind features simple one-touch controls, similar to flappy bird, along with hand drawn art that has a nice, flat appearance to it.

With the Wind Features:

– Beautiful, hand-drawn artwork
– Simple one-touch controls
– Ever-increasing difficulty
– Randomly generated scenery
– Beautiful, dynamic day/night cycle and weather
– Combo system – the more balloons you collect in succession, the bigger your multiplier

With the Wind is available from Google Play for free with ads, or without ads for a flat $1.22. You can also check out this game in action with the video below. Between the art style and the gameplay, this can actually make for a pretty good time killer.

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