See how long you can keep the snake going in Snaky Squares, now out on Google Play

Released by GMT Dev, Snaky Squares is a modern riff on the classic game Snake. In this game, players will assume the role of a snake that is comprised of a cube for its head, and is trailed by a length of spheres. Players will look to control where the snake goes, in its mission to consume as many of the yellow spheres on the board as it can.

As each of these yellow dots are ingested, the length of the snake grows by one. So consuming three will extend the length of the snake by the same number. Players will need to navigate a variety of obstacles in order to properly navigate the level. These would include things like walls (that occasionally move), chasms that need to be jumped over at the appropriate spots, and even the ever increasing length of the snake’s tail. Levels are comprised of platforms, with new platforms coming in to play as dots are cleared. Power-ups are also available to assist in gameplay, and include things like slowing down the speed of the snake, or even keeping its tail to a shorter and more manageable level.

Gameplay Tips:

– Tap twice behind Snaky and Snaky will turn all the way around.
– Try tapping ten times far in front and Snaky will zig zag, just like a real snake!
– You can go off the edge of the platform and get back in if you turn really quickly.
– Be sure to get some power-ups
– Use your power buttons wisely, when you get fast use the slow down. Long use the short tail, hard bits use the pill collector and use the speed up to get past moving walls or on long slow sections.
– Keep playing to increase your total dot score and unlock the other play arenas.
– Eat the dots!

Snaky Squares is available for free from Google Play, though the game does include both ads, as well as optional IAPs as well. Check out the trailer below to see more about how the game is played.

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