See how quickly you can decimate your opponent’s tank with random orders in Glitch Tank

Released by Michael Brough, Glitch Tank is a combat game that’s designed for one or more players. The layout for the game is where players have four cards (or buttons) arrayed in front of them. Players begin with one large tank for each, and immediately begin issue orders to it.

There are a variety of orders that can reside in these slots, and they will change once a player has used it. For example, players can move their tank, have their tank spit out little tanks, drop mines, fire lasers, and so on. In a twist, when a player taps on an order, all of their tanks follow that order, regardless of how many they have. Have a dozen little tanks that are all facing different directions when you issue an order to fire? There’s a good chance you’ll slice up some of your own, in addition to your opponents’ tanks. All of this can be done in either real-time, or turn-based. The match ends when one player’s large tank is finally destroyed.

Glitch Tank Features:

– Fast paced random matches
– Real time and turn-based modes
– 2 player and AI modes

The game utilizes retro style graphics that would’ve been common in arcades, some time back. Glitch Tank is available from Google Play, for a flat cost of $1.99, and it also lacks any ads or IAPs. For those interested in seeing how the game is played, feel free to check out the video below, where two people go head-to-head.

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