See how tall you can grow your sunflower in Frantic Flower from Cosmo Duck Games

Released by Cosmo Duck Games, Frantic Flower is a new entry to the “endless” genre on Android. Players will assume the eponymous role of a flower seeking to frantically grow. Players will have a variety of pitfalls and obstacles to navigate around, as they grow ever upward.

Steel beams, birds, and even aliens flying inside of UFOs are some of the kinds of threats that must be avoided. Your flower is not completely defenseless though, as it does have the ability to shoot a small burst of seeds, though only the birds seem to be vulnerable to them. The game implements virtual controls, so players can choose to grow their flower from side to side, or upwards, as well as choosing when to fire off a round of seeds in the hopes of taking down a few of the aforementioned birds.

Frantic Flower Features:

– Unlimited Replays
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Google Play Games support

Lastly, the game includes leaderboards for seeing how the growth of your flower compares with others, as well as achievements and Google Play Games integration. Frantic Flower is available for free from Google Play with optional IAPs as well. You can check out Frantic Flower in action with the trailer below.

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