Sega’s Football Manager Classic 2015 gets some high-end tablet love with a new 3D match engine

Owners of high-end Android tablets who happen to also play Sega’s Football Manager Classic 2015 have received some extra love from Sega today with the ability to control and guide your favorite teams to victory but with 3D rendered visuals. This is due to the addition of the 3D match engine for high-end tablet owners so you can now follow all the action in a much more realistic manner.

For those of you unfamiliar with this franchise, Football Manager Classic 2015 is a football simulation game where players get to make all the decisions a football manager would make, and by football we mean soccer. Regardless of what you call this sport, players will be in charge of who their club signs as well as who plays and who sits on the bench during a match. Also, when a match is in progress, Players are in complete control of tactics, substitutions and delivering instructions to their team in an attempt to win.

Football Manager Classic 2015 Features:

• An Intuitive, Touchscreen-optimised Menu System
• Global Player Scouting
• Player, Staff and Media Interaction
• Comprehensive Player and Team Training
• A Flexible Management Structure
• An Accelerated Gameplay Option
• Challenge Mode

The new 3D match engine allows tablet owners to follow all of the action as it unfolds on match day but with 3D rendered visuals and a multiple selection of camera angles to choose from. On top of that, players who play on a high-end tablet get to see a stream of detailed in-game stats and reports, advice from your Assistant Manager and additional score updates from the rest of the league. This is on top of all of the regular features that come with these games in this franchise.

Football Manager Classic 2015 is now available for high-end Android tablets off of Google Play for $19.99. Sega has actually released a list of compatible devices for Football Manager Classic 2015 so you can check ahead of time as to whether or not your Android tablet is able to play this game. You can see the full list of compatible devices here.

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