Sega’s Kingdom Conquest II arriving worldwide soon, early registration now live

Sega’s rather popular dungeon combat, city building card-combat game Kingdom Conquest is getting a sequel appropriately named Kingdom Conquest II. Right now the game is actually already available in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong for the past couple of weeks to make sure everything is running smoothly and, of course, everything is monetizing nicely.

Well the worldwide release of Kingdom Conquest II is on the horizon and players interested in getting a little boost in the game right when it starts can sign-up ahead of time. Signing up ahead of time will net you two limited extremely rare cards to add to your future collection when the game launches.

3D Battle view

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, or its older brother, this isn’t your typical TCG by any means. In fact the monster cards you collect are the creature you deploy inside the 3D rendered dungeon during the combat phase of the game. This new sequel adds a new ‘commander element’ which brings more tactical depth in regards to editing and managing your monster units.

On top of that though you’ll also be building up your city, harvesting and managing resources and all the other features you would find in a more RTS type of game. So Kingdom Conquest II is quite the mash up of a few different genres in terms of game mechanics. Of course there are also multiplayer aspects to the game such as teaming up with other players, trading with them and so on.

Unfortunately we are not exactly sure when the global launch of Kingdom Conquest II will happen but we are guessing it won’t be much longer of a wait since the game is already running trails in a few countries. interested players can sign up through the link below.

Official Website: Kingdom Conquest II

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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