Seminal Indie Puzzler Threes! Is Just 99c Right Now on Android

Threes!, the acclaimed and highly influential puzzler from indie developer Asher Vollmer, is currently on sale for just 99c, down from its usual price of $5.99.

Originally released in early 2014, Threes! is a take on the matching puzzler genre in which the aim is to mash matching two numbered tiles together to double them, and then to double those, and so on. The game ends when there are no matching tiles adjacent to each other. 

The design process for Threes! is the stuff of legend, and the game arrived as a fully formed indie darling, even featuring vocal contributions from Vollmer’s cool indie developer friends. 

Unfortunately, Threes! was swiftly plagiarised by whoever developed 2048, and the copycat managed to out-earn the original by virtue of being free-to-download. Real mobile game fans know what’s what, though, and this is a perfect chance to snap up the superb Threes! if you haven’t already.

Download it right now on Google Play.

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