Sentinel 4: Dark Star updated with new weapons, turrets, and even a new Commander mech

Origin8’s newest Sentinel game called Sentinel 4: Dark Star has been updated with some new goodies that you will want to know about if you play this game. Essentially, in a nutshell, there are new weapons and turrets available in the game as well as a whole new Commander unit.

While the update brings a slew of bug fixes and irons out some of the balance issues within the game (as well as improving the user interface as well), Sentinel 4: Dark Star has some new weapons and turrets that players can take advantage of when setting up their defenses. As for new units, Origin8 has introduced the Juggernaut Commander. His head is a big gun as is his arms and he is pretty cool looking as well.

The new weapons, turrets and unit come to the game partly in thanks to the new campaign. The new campaign features 5 new maps for players to learn and eventually dominate. All of this is available in the new update that is now available for download off of Google Play.

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