September update adds new equipment and modes to Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile has just received a huge update to its Lords Cup mode. A dizzying array of new equipment has also been added.

A real-time strategy MMO with 180 million players worldwide, Lords Mobile is a game with an already massive number of modes and options.

The story basically involves several noblepersons fighting over a kingdom after the Emperor dies. A wild struggle for power follows, which is where the battle element of the game comes in.

Lords Mobile new and improved

You take control of one of these noblepersons, tooling up your army to defend your bases and take over new territory. There are several types of tools available, with the latest update only adding to those you have to hand.

This is because of a new Equipment Upgrade feature, where you can improve your kit from Legendary to Mythical level. This will boosts the power of the tools significantly, but it’s worth noting that this handy ability is only available after you’ve researched new tech.

Lord it over your opponents

That increases the depth of the game’s combat massively, but the new update also improves one of the modes introduced during the 2018 FIFA World Cup: the Lords Cup.

This option sees you effectively kicking a ball (called the “Lords Ball”) into your opponent’s territory and making sure it stays there. Except instead of kicking the ball with your foot, you kick it with your army.

Previously you could only play this mode with players from your kingdom, but the update means it’s now available during the Kingdom Clash event.

So why not check out this expanded and improved version of Lords Mobile for yourself by downloading it for free on Google Play (and the App Store!).

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