Sequel to the open-world RPG 9th Dawn is in the works and coming soon

Back in November 2012 Valorware released an open-world RPG called 9th Dawn that has done pretty well for itself. Apparently it did well enough to warrant a sequel and that is exact what is heading our way soon. Officially it will be called 9th Dawn II and it will incorporate the same the original one had in regards to a more modern design for combat combined with classic RPG style of gameplay.

The story in 9th Dawn II is different of course. Players will be summoned to aid in the reclaiming of the land of Caspartia from the Dydrinil. Valorware has done a lot to improve upon the game itself, adding plenty of new features to it that were not available in the original game. Features such as co-op multiplayer, enhancements to both the player UI and enemy AI, a bigger and more interactive world, classless character progression, quests with different outcomes, and a crafting system.

In terms of characters, since it is a classless system, there is a whole new selection of spells and abilities to unlock and try out. You probably won’t be able to access them all so picking the ones you want is part of your strategy to actually complete the game.

As it stands right now, there’s not exact release date for 9th Dawn II and no available screenshots as of yet, except for the picture of the map above. We will post an update when we know more.

Official Website: 9th Dawn II

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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