Seven Knights 2 Gets a New Costume, Hero, and Events for its upcoming 1.5th Anniversary

Netmarble has unveiled the latest major update for Seven Knights 2, the studio’s acclaimed sequel to the hugely popular Seven Knights. 

The update, which coincides with the game’s 1.5th anniversary eve, adds a host of new content, including costumes, a number of time-limited events, and a whole new Legendary+ Hero.

Dual Wielding Hunter Karl Heron is a ranged/mid-range hero who responds to being hit by knocking his enemies backwards and inflicting Shock status at a certain rate. 

In PvP, Dual Wielding Hunter Karl Hero begins every battle in a Camoflaged state, and can unleash Ultimate skills that cause damage, ignore protection, and grant additional damage in proportion with the amount of HP an enemy has lost. 

Plus, his attacks create a shockwave around their targets, inflicting nearby enemies with Shock. 

Impressive stuff. 

The events in place this month include a Special 1.5th Anniversary Eve shop. Open from April 26th till May 10th, it allows players to complete in-game missions in exchange for 1.5th Anniversary Eve Coins to spend on Pet Fragment Chest+, Transcendent Soul Vessel, and other valuable rewards. 

Between the same dates you can also take part in the Legendary+ Dual Wielding Karl Heron Upgrade Event, which lavishes rewards on players at two-level intervals after they hit Lv. 36. 

And then there’s Pet Party with Karl Heron, which dishes out pet-related rewards depending on the number of summons at the Summon shop. Those rewards include 1.5th Anniversary Eve Summon Coins and Pet Fragment Chest Plus. 

The 1.5th Anniversary Eve Check-In Event, meanwhile, will reward players who check-in every day with items designed to help them power up their pet rosters. That means Pet Summon Tickets, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, and more. 

This one is set to run until May 17th. 

Finally, the Victory Outfit of May will be available from May 1st until June 1st, allowing players who compete in the Arena and complete Conqueror Missions to obtain a new Victory Outfit for Lena. 

To join in the fun, head to the Google Play Store, the App Store, or the official site to download Seven Knights 2 for free right now.

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