The Seven Knights Idle Adventure Release Date is Finally Here

Evan from Seven Knights Idle Adventure.

You know what there isn’t anywhere near enough of on mobile? Idle games. You know, that rarest of genre that, effectively, plays itself? Well, today’s Seven Knights Idle Adventure release date is here to save the day.

It’s the latest game in the Seven Knights series to grace our phones, and brings together your favourite characters. You collect them gacha-style, create a party out of them, and then send them out on an auto-battling adventure.

Thus ends the gameplay. You pretty much just watch the game play itself from this point. If you haven’t played an idle game before, what little gameplay there is involves managing your heroes. You level them up, equip them with new gear, and decide where they go to fight.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Lets You Create Huge Parties

What does set this game apart, though, is its ability to create parties of a whopping ten heroes. Traditionally, you’re setting at around 4-5 in idle games, but ten almost feels like an embarrassment of riches.

You can unlock pets and costumes for all of your characters, too, furthering the ability to customise your team in your own image. It also means you can adjust a character visually if you’re not a fan of the way that they traditionally look.

Get involved now, and you can get a ton of rewards. To celebrate the launch, Netmarble is giving away the hero Evan, 17,777 Rubies, and 1,777 rolls. The latter is an absolute insane number of free rolls to get, and should help you gain access to your favourite characters by rolling.

The Seven Knights Idle Adventure Release Date is Here

So, if you’re in the mood for a new idle RPG, you really can do a lot worse than Seven Knights Idle Adventure. Go ahead and grab it right now on Google Play. It’s worth checking out for that insane number of free rolls.

I’ve put together a Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list, which ranks all of the characters from S tier to D tier to help you put together a powerful party.

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