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You can pre-register right now to get in the Shadow Fight 3 beta

Shadow Fight 3 Android

Fan of 2D fighters? Well, you can’t go far wrong with the upcoming Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 continues the tradition of action-packed 2D battles. The 3D visuals are as gorgeous as ever, and the settings are nice and varied.

This one’s more for the Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat crowd though, as you’re mostly fighting with weapons. Oh, and the ridiculous costumes the characters wear will appeal to those fans too.

Beta get ready for Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 will enter beta phase at the end of the month, so if you’d like to get a piece of the action you’ll need to sign up here.

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, it’s a surprisingly deep series of mobile fighters. It’s set directly after the events of the previous game, and sees you build your own fully customisable character.

You’ll outfit your fighter with equipment, perks, and special abilities – as well as align yourself to one of the three factions, each of which has its own fighting style.

And there’s a ton of content to tackle. From a lengthy main adventure, to procedurally generated quests, and online battles.

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