Shadowgun THD gets updated with 4 new levels and other goodies.

Madfinger Games’ rather popular third-person shooter called Shadowgun THD has just been beefed up a little more today thanks to a new update that just arrived. This is the same update that the normal Shadowgun version got recently for non-Tegra based Android devices but with a slight difference.

The four levels that came to the normal Shadowgun game are now available for Shadowgun THD players as well. Aside from that though, there are new effects geared specifically for Tegra-based devices over the non-Tegra ones. Aside from that the update is pretty much identical to the other version in terms of content.

Full changelog for Shadowgun THD:

– Changes in ver 1.1.1
– Fixed invalid starting position in DLC (First checkpoints was skipped sometimes ).
– EXPANSION DETAILS – Datadisc Content:
– the story directly follows the events of original SHADOWGUN
– 4 new levels
– new enemy creature
– new gun
– new type of gaming interaction
– new soundtrack
– New or improved content in general (with impact also on original Shadowgun version)
– new element in the control – Roll
– tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies
– better, more intensive gaming experience

So if you haven’t updated your version of Shadowgun THD yet, be sure to grab the update when you can so you can enjoy the new levels and effects.

Developer Website: Madefinger Games

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