She Sees Red, the Interactive Thriller, is Out Now on Android

If you’re a fan of the likes of Her Story or Telling Lies, you’ll love She Sees Red, a brand new interactive thriller that’s out now on Android.

You play as a detective who’s investigating a series of murders in a local nightclub. You’ll watch a series of clips and make key choices along the way.

She Sees Red Has Four Possible Endings

There are four possible different endings, which provides plenty of replayability. You can make different decisions each time, which will alter the ending.

She Sees Red has been dubbed in English, but you can watch it in its native Russian with subtitles if you’re not a fan of dubs.

If you’re a fan of interactive thrillers, you can grab She Sees Red right now on Google Play. It’s a premium release so expect to pay a bit of small change.

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