SheepRun – physics based Lemmings game with Rovio styling

Mix physics gameplay, Lemmings style gaming, and an Angry Birds-like user interface elements and what do you get? SheepRun! Developed by the curiously named FingerFantasy, SheepRun looks like it would have been developed by Rovio due to the user interface; however, similarities end there in this unique game.

Currently in beta, SheepRun has you control sheep, moving them by tilting your phone and making them jump by tapping the screen. Each sheep has different attributes such as the sheep with horns and push things. Using your sheep in a Lemmings-style way, you have to solve each level and get your sheep to the safe point.


  • 10 levels (current version is only beta)
  • Great cartoon-like graphics
  • MoboSquare integrated
  • Physics style gameplay meshed with Lemmings
  • Tilt and touch screen controls
  • Various types of sheep
  • A wolf who will eat your sheep


Speaking of that last feature, each stage has a time limit depicted at the top with a red line and a wolf’s head that slowly moves from one end to the other. Once it reaches the end, your time is up and the wold eats your poor sheep. SheepRun is also powered by MoboSquare, which is also in beta but will we detail what MoboSquare is at a later date.

Overall, while SheepRun’s user interface resembles Angry Birds in its styling, the game is challenging and fun, even though it is still in beta. If you like physics games and the Lemming style of gaming, then you’ll want to grab this little beta off the Android Market for free. We wrote to Rovio regarding this game to ask whether or not this is actually them using another name to test a possible new game. When we will update this review if and when we hear back.

Developer Website: N/A

Direct Market Link: SheepRun

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