Shining Force Classics offers the entire trilogy free

Shining Force Classics Android

Sega Forever is back with Shining Force Classics, a trilogy of epic turn-based RPGs you can play for free right now on Android.

You have to vanquish the forces of Dark Sol in order to restore peace to the Kingdom of Thornwood.

That involves exploring a variety of first person dungeons and battling enemies.

Shining Force Classics combines three games in a single package

Battling is turn-based like all old school JRPGs. New here though is the ability to control up to 10 characters at once.

You’ll also improve their skills and statistics by exploring and battling enemies, and there’s a wide variety of side quests to complete.

So head on over to Google Play to grab Shining Force Classics right now. That’s a whopping three games in one entirely for free.

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