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Shopper’s Paradise

Shopper’s Paradise by developer Awesome Android Apps (a.k.a. Second Gear Games) is a cool tycoon style strategy game where you start with a small shop with the goal of becoming a retail tycoon that was released onto the Android market March 1 which also has some tower defense style game play.

You may recognize the developer’s name because they have published a few other popular game titles such as Bubble Defense and Archipelago. Shopper’s Paradise is “a mix of strategy and Time management genres”. You set up shop and as you grow you create more shops in a sort of tower defense way, hoping to collect more profits as customers stream by and eventually putting your competition out of business.

It’s definitely a neat mix of styles within one game and should appeal to both Sim/Strategy game lovers and Tower Defense game lovers. I’m definitely going to give this some good play time and write a review about it and perhaps a guide or two with some strategies should I come across anything that is overly successful in-game.

You can pick up Shopper’s Paradise on that market right now for $2.99, which according to the developers, is on sale for 25% off.

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Developer Website: Awesome Android Apps

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