Shot Online: Golf Battle Is the Latest Mobile Spinoff of the Popular Sporting RPG, Pre-Register Now

Shot Online is one of the biggest golf franchises in the world. Originally created all the way back in 2004, it was the first golf sim to introduce RPG elements, and the first to have a significant online component. 

Shot Online: Golf Battle is shaping up to be a slick, visually stunning mobile golf game with realistic 3D graphics, refined gameplay, and a variety of modes that span the spectrum from arcade knockabout to sporting simulation. 

Among Shot Online: Golf Battle’s headline features is a real-time parallel golf battle mode, ensuring you’ll never have to hang around waiting for an opponent to take a shot – one of the main drawbacks of virtual golf. 

The Survival Mode, meanwhile, lets you take on seven other players around the world in tense knockout rounds. It’s basically battle royale with golf clubs, with the last player standing winning the biggest and best prizes. 

Interestingly, each round in Survival Mode uses different rules, and you’re free to use your club skills. 

Shot Online: Golf Battle is a fully fledged golf sim, so naturally you can choose the club you want to use for each shot. Each club comes with its own unique skill, too, though you can only use your skills once per match. 

As you accumulate trophies in Shot Online: Golf Battle you’ll unlock new tours and new types of golf course, giving you even more scope to try out your skills and work on your club selection. 

Shot Online: Golf Battle is a free-to-play game, and you can earn tons of prizes through skill alone. 1v1 games will earn you coins, gems, club cards, and more, allowing you to access new skills and club upgrades, so that you can improve even further. 

We don’t have a release date yet, but Shot Online: Golf Battle is available for pre-registration right now on the App Store and Google Play

Head to your app store of choice for pre-launch rewards, and follow the latest news on the Shot Online: Golf Battle Facebook page.

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