Siege: Apocalypse Is KIXEYE’s PvP Spin-Off of War Commander, Play it Now on iOS and Android

Siege: Apocalypse, from KIXEYE and Simutronics, is out now on mobile.

Set in the same universe as the hugely popular MMO War Commander, Siege: Apocalypse is a 1v1 military battler in which you have to collect and upgrade cards and take on players from around the world in tight, tactically demanding battles.

The aim of the game is to build and upgrade a deck of offensive and defensive cards. Some of these represent unit types such as riflemen, snipers, rocket launchers, tanks, and paratroopers, while others represent actions like airstrikes, artillery bombardments, airdrops, and so on. 

As you progress through the game and notch up the wins you’ll unlock new cards and powers. 

All of these elements, along with the battlefields themselves, are based on real-world examples, lending Siege: Apocalypse a gritty and authentic feel – just what you need when you’re trying to crush an anonymous opponent through military might and superior tactics. 

The storyline in Siege: Apocalypse takes place many years before War Commander, around the time of the collapse of the first Rogue group. New story twists and revelations emerge as you progress through the campaign and wage your long war with the Scarlet Brigade. 

That’s just one aspect of the game, however. You’ll also take part in global events and compete in tournaments, as well completing two new challenges every week. Siege: Apocalypse is an absolute content factory, churning out new features and events every month. 

And there’s even more on offer for diehard fans, with dedicated players earning prestige tiers that allow them to gain access to new cards early. 

This could give you just the edge you need to see off Siege: Apocalypse’s endless supply of human opponents. Or its endless supply of bots, if the offline practice mode is more your speed. 

However you choose to play, it looks like Siege Apocalypse is an absolute blast.

Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to try it out now – click here. There are the game’s official social pages to check out as well – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube..

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