The excellent physics puzzler Silly Walks is out on Android

Silly Walks Android

We were very jealous when the physics puzzler Silly Walks launched on iOS, but there’s no longer need for that. Thankfully, it’s arrived on Android – better late than never!

Silly Walks has you struggle to navigate the environment as a collection of food items on stilts. Tap and you put your right foot forward. Tap again to do so with your left.

Silly Walks is an awesome physics puzzler on Android

Each time you remain still, your character will hop on one leg spinning in circles. Using just these mechanics, you have to make your way around the environment.

You’ll avoid traps, defeat bosses, unlock new characters, and collect items. We should also mention that there’s a dash button, that you can use to avoid traps in a bind. It does have a cool down though.

At this point, you should totally be sold so just get on over to Google Play and get it already. It’s free for crying out loud.

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