SimpleRockets 2 has Blasted Off on to the Google Play Store

SimpleRockets 2 is a 3D space simulator where you can build rockets, aeroplanes, rovers and everything in between. After creating your spaceship, you can venture out into space and test your creations on the surface of the local planets.

SimpleRockets 2 – Let your Inner Nerd Run Wild

There are a lot of awesome features included in SimpleRockets 2. You can create your very own engine, decide the fuel type, size and nozzle length. If that’s not enough for you, you can use interstates to split your craft into multiple stages.

SimpleRockets 2 doesn’t throw you in the deep end to see if you’ll sink or swim. They boast a whole heap of community features to allow you to share whatever you create with the community. You can also share your levels with other players, so try to build the best space stations, moon bases and spaceships possible!

If you would like to show NASA how space-based travel should be done, then why not grab a copy of SimpleRockets 2 now?

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