Skullgirls Mobile will get new character Marie… next year

The brilliant mobile anime fighter Skullgirls Mobile is getting even more content in the future. As new content arrives for the PC and console game Skullgirls 2nd Encore, us mobile gamers are also getting new fighters! 

You can play as Marie in Skullgirls mobile

Announced as part of the next wave of Skullgirls content, a new character is on the way: Marie. As the main villain of the long-running game, Marie’s inclusion in the game has been a long time coming. 

Marie has appeared as the final boss in previous versions of the fighting game. However, the character has never been playable until now. If you’re a fan of Skullgirls, this must be a dream come true! 

While the character’s final fighting style has yet to be revealed, it’s expected to be similar to her NPC style. Of course, some changes will be made for balancing reasons, but the more iconic moves should return. 

The character’s main shtick revolves around summoning minions to fight for her. We’re definitely hoping that summoning is included in her new move set. 

When will she release? 

Marie may be coming to Skullgirls 2nd Encore and Skullgirls Mobile, but she isn’t coming soon. In fact, it appears that you’ll have to wait a considerable amount of time for the new fighter. 

Currently, the character only has a tentative release date: 2023. There’s no month or even quarter attached to that year, so it may be a very long time until the character is actually playable. 

Nevertheless, it’s heartening to see more content coming to this beloved fighting game. After years of release, Skullgirls’ new updates prove there’s still life in the fighter. See you at Evo!

Are you excited for the release of Marie in this mobile game? Do you enjoy the game’s mobile conversion? Tell us everything!

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